Phone & Web Training

More than 3,500 employees have been trained with our unique PerfecTel and PerfecWeb approaches.

White board presenting the types of training offered and the benefits
PerfecTel and PerfecWeb offer a continuous cycle of analysis, reporting, self-training and coaching.

Stop paying for traditional training sessions

The two most client-centric departments

We use a unique approach for each department and situation. We offer specific training for both your sales and service department teams. They will learn about multiple subjects, from incoming and outgoing phone calls to Internet leads.

From group training to self-learning

First, there are group training sessions, the theory and the fundamentals. Then there are the bootcamps, where real-world scenarios and engagement take place. We then continue to individualized sessions, because everyone is different. Finally, there is self-learning thanks to our unique platform.

Track progress on a dashboard

This unique platform gives you deep and incredibly valuable insights on your progress. Track each and every call taken and made by an advisor, now annotated and rated by our experts. This personalized feedback will allow them to reach unmatched efficiency.

A continuous cycle approach

Our continuous training approach ensures that trainees will master every key aspect of any phone call or interaction with clients. We do not throw mountains of information at anyone. We prefer a continuous and step-by-step approach. This will allow them to acquire new revenue-generating reflexes.

What you get in return

Measurable return on investments (ROI) that last for a long time.
Standardized calls
Amplified strategies
Enhanced experience
Increased profit

Empower your staff

Hiring can be a tedious task for any manager. Finding the right and proficient candidates is even more so! This is why it is important to keep them once you find them. How? By investing in their training and investing resources for them. Not only will this show that you care about their success, but you will also directly benefit from it.

Stats to back it up

The PerfecTel certification is not just a paper that hangs on a wall. It brings results, profits, and we have the stats to prove it. We deliver nothing shy of a 238% increase on average for appointments for the sales department. Let's not forget the service department. On average, they sell 10 times more in additional services and recommended maintenance sold.

Numbers don't lie

Massive improvement of sales for some of our clients.

238 %

Appointments obtained


82 %

Maintenance sold


66 %

Additional services sold


More than just training sessions

A powerful online tool to review results and self-learn based on your own conversations.

PerfecTel Platform Dashboard

Performance tracking

  • Track by type of call
  • Results by departments, divisions and employees
  • Statistical data for each call assessed
  • Measure the goals for each call
  • Measure your appointments and sales
  • Assess the profitability of your investment


  • Listen to your past conversations
  • Grading system for every call
  • Overview of what the consultant has to improve
  • Trainer's tips on how to improve and why
  • Improve your own conversations
  • Detailed explanations for each call segment

Our unique approach to training

Invest in a fundamental aspect of your dealership.

Group Training

  • Approach to phone calls
  • PerfecTel platform
  • Training tools
  • Types of calls chosen


  • Real conversation analysis
  • Role play
  • Group discussion
  • Theory review

Individual Training

  • Individual meetup
  • Advisor evaluation
  • Establish the best strategy
  • Increase results


  • Access to previous evaluation
  • Detailed reports lead to better learning
  • Mitigate the advisor's frustration


  • Increase motivation
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Advisor's appreciation towards the dealership

Our Trainers

  • Credibility and experience in the industry
  • Training experts, not only in their fields
  • Psychological aspects, not just numbers
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