Activix BDC

A customized approach to suit both your sales and services divisions.

Activity Report Dashboard
Quickly start a BDC or improve the one you have in place with our unmatched training and dedicated BDC tools.

Develop your expertise. Reduce operational costs.

Implementation of a new BDC

Determine the type of BDC
Steps and deadlines
Management Tools
Recruitment process strategies
Agent training & evaluation
Continuous training


Improvement of an existing BDC

Understanding your situation & goals
BDC assessment
Performance measurement
Plan and recommendations
Agent training
Management tools
Increase your employees' productivity with tools trusted by more than 285 dealerships.

Give your team the best tools on the market.

Increase your productivity.

  • Group view and results.
  • Performance by dealer.
  • Manage all account and leads with one login.
  • Set goals for your BDC division and agents.
  • Number of activities by BDC and BDC agents.
  • BDC result by client type.
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External BDC

Allow our BDC experts to communicate with your sales and service customers.
Internet Leads
Service Recall
Client Satisfaction Survey
Issues you might be facing
  • Inconclusive results
  • Not enough follow-ups
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Employee turnover
  • BDC implementation time
  • BDC implementation time
The Activix Formula
  • Peace of mind
  • Continuously-trained agents
  • Improved customer approach
  • Access to all communications
  • Integrated with Activix CRM
  • Results!

The most transparent BDC.

Access all communications made by our agents.

Consult our BDC actions

  • Access emails, calls and SMS that are made.
  • See the notes of our agents.
  • Know the follow-ups done.

Efficient transition with your team.

Easy sales process between our BDC and your Dealership.

BDC appointments and tasks

  • Integrate your receptionist, better welcome clients.
  • Know your BDC appointment and dispatch them.
  • Inspect BDC performances and follow-ups.
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