Activix CRM

Designed for the automotive industry.

This platform is the heart of your dealership. Let's try to make it quick.

A comprehensive, four-point "sprint introduction" to the best CRM in the automotive industry.

Centralize your client management

Effectively follow up on your walk-ins, phone-ups, internet leads, financing and leasing clients, as well as your service customers. With all client types centralized in one place, you will maximize your revenue.

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Tools tailored to all your internal processes

You will immediately benefit from the complete integration and management of your internal processes. From first contact up until the CSI and every step between; manage your daily workflow and create engagement using our Who's Next and Sales Board modules.

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Enhanced efficiency between departments

Different departements with different tasks but with a single goal; now unified into one platform. Synergy is one of the most powerful aspects of our CRM. Merge the workflows of all your teams including Reception, Sales, Management, F&I, Marketing and even the Service department.

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Deep analysis and accurate reporting

Precise reporting leads to better decision making. Create a centralized and unbiased database of all your customers. Unlock deep and essential stats that were previously unavailable. Agglomerate leads by source, sales advisor performance, activity level, profitability and much, much more.

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What would you like to enhance next?

Activix CRM can elevate your dealership to the next level. Mix and match our solutions to suit your needs.

What makes Activix the best CRM?

Unrivaled technical support

Our technical support agents are always ready to help you. 97% of calls are answered on the spot, and 95% of queries are resolved in less than 48h.

    Advanced integrations

    Our CRM has more than 75 integrations with OEMs and automotive industry partners, making your daily process management easier.

      Industry leader

      We are proud to offer solutions for automotive dealerships, powersports and independents, by being the most advanced and easiest to use CRM on the market.

        Best after-sales service

        Our team accompanies you even after the installation of your CRM: performance reviews, sharing the industry's best practices, training of new employees and much more.

          Open API

          We created an open API which integrates the data from your other platforms, adapts to all types of systems, allowing all industry players to work with us.

            Personalized tools

            You will be able to adapt the CRM to your specific needs by personalizing your sales processes and creating your own selection of custom fields.

              Stats don't lie.


              Net Promoter Score

              We’ve established a new industry record,
              no less than 91% of our clients would recommend us.

              115 +

              Amount of testimonials

              Our clients enjoy how user-friendly and feature-full the CRM is,
              as well as how supportive our team is.

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