Advanced Phone Filtering

Effortlessly integrate relevant calls and phone-ups.

Phone-Up Dashboard

Automatically sort calls based on their subjects.

Only the calls you want will make it into the CRM.
General inquiry
New car phone-up
Business hours
Wrong number
Used car phone-up
Roadside assistance
Car Service

Analyze your phone-up performance.

Easy-to-read reports in real time.

Call Reports

On average, 10 to 15% of sales come from your phone-ups. Make sure you understand your data to make the best decisions.

  • Automatically integrated into the CRM.
  • Performance by advisor and source.
  • Call forwarding by priority.

Rich Data

Elevate your performance by accessing all communications made with clients, letting you identify elements to refine.

  • Record your incoming sales & service calls.
  • Access all communication history.
  • Detailed notes, audio or video calls.
  • Know who participated in the calls.
  • Coach your sales, BDC and service teams.

Redefining the automotive industry one feature at a time.

We don’t have enough room to list all the features our platform has.


Exclusive to Activix, it is the only module capable of advanced phone filtering. This keeps your CRM clean of unwanted calls.

Advanced Reporting

Unique live results reporting on every dashboard. Everything you and your dealership need to know to make informed business decisions.

Open API

Open API for those who want to connect their phone system creating an advanced integration with the CRM.


Integrate with all mobile phones and most IP and analog landline systems. This allows your incoming calls to be integrated in the CRM.

No limits

Unlimited call recording and listening. You can listen back to every conversation to ensure the quality you strive for.

Any phone number

Whether it's a local or toll-free phone number, phone-ups and service calls will be integrated into the CRM automatically.