Groups & BDC

Instantly improve your productivity with our unique reporting and management tools.

Dashboard of all My Clients

Godly group overview.

Never-before-seen aggregation of dealerships' data into a single account.

Compare your performances

Overview all your group data: easily access your statistics per dealer, source and more.

  • Overview and group results.
  • Reports by dealership, departments, client type.
  • Manage users and requests from a single account.
  • Schedule your customised reports.

A new dimension of data.

Advanced BDC reporting for easy management.

Activity reports

Performance and assessment tools for opportunity management that allow you to measure your BDC's activities and results.

  • Set goals for your BDC and your agents.
  • Number of activities for your BDC / per BDC agent.
  • BDC results by client type.
  • Manage multiple dealerships from one account.

Your dealership on autopilot.

Increase your efficiency by 30% by enabling our tailored automations. You can even create your own.

Lead Nurturing

Make lead nurturing a piece of cake by creating automated tasks, follow-ups tasks & timelines for each lead.


    Enable our tailored automation templates or create your own to perform numerous follow-ups with your customers.

      Customised Follow-ups

      No two leads are the same; customize follow-up criteria, from lead to action type, to reach your clients at the right moment.

        Automated Actions

        Web leads, walk-outs, leasing follow-ups or tasks.

        Customisable Criteria

        Dealership, advisor, BDC agent.

        Actions to Perform

        Call, email, SMS.


        1 hour after the request, 1 day after the visit.


        BDC agent, BDC manager.

        Easily manage your BDC team's daily tasks.

        Take control of your BDC with advanced filtering options.
        BDC Task Calendar

        Simplified Management

        Quickly track all your BDC tasks, follow-ups and scheduled appointments, allowing you to consult your employees daily activities.

          Integrated actions

          Carry out calls, emails and texts directly in the calendar, making it easier to accomplish your daily tasks.

            Integrated communications between sales and your BDC

            Access all actions taken with clients.
            Client Avatar

            Leira Emma Arcega

            BDC agent

            I spoke with Mr. Davis Willis. He currently has an Audi A3 and he seems interested in upgrading to an SUV. Do you have an Audi Q5 in stock? He would like to try it out!

            Yes! We have 2 demos. He could even get $850 in additional rebates for this model. Could you book an appointment tomorrow with him? I’m free between 10 AM and 12 PM.

            Jaimeson Parks

            Sales advisor

            Client Avatar
            Client Avatar

            Leira Emma Arcega

            BDC agent

            Ok, perfect! He seemed really excited about the rebates; I booked an appointment tomorrow at 10 AM. He told me he would feel more safe on the road and make it easier to travel with his grandchildren. How cute is that?! 😌

            Jaimeson Parks

            Sales advisor

            Client Avatar

            Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

            We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

            Advanced Reporting

            Unique and live results reporting on every dashboard. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions.

            Edit History

            Consult the entire modification history for every single client card. Who? When? What? You will know every detail.

            Group Functionalities

            Compare multiple dealerships' performance in a single dashboard. Delve into the details from a single login.

            Centralised Communications

            Integration of all clients' communications (SMS, email, call, video) and their history. Use the CRM as your internal communication hub.

            No Limits

            Unlimited call recording and listening. You can listen back on every conversation to ensure quality and make it easy to follow-up upon.


            Our internal notification platform ensures that you’ll never miss another opportunity. A complete centralization of communications, events and alerts.