Processes & Deliveries

Create engagement by managing your processes and departments; all in one place.

Client Card Dashboard

Industry-leading process tracking.

The most complete process management, from the lead to the delivery, and every step in between.

Client intentions

Client communications

Reach a new lead by mail, SMS, phone or video.

BDC agents and advisors notes

Access detailed notes, actions and follow-ups completed.

Appointment aquisition

Schedule an appointment with the client.

Appointment confirmations

Automated or manual appointment confirmation sent to the client.

In the dealership


Know who's next available to greet a client with our Who's Next module.

Calendar & Guest care

An informed receptionist and advisors will create a better customer experience by using our appointment & delivery calendar.

Driver's license scan

Quickly get the data you need by integrating the drivers license scan into the client card.

Customer qualification

Easily take notes on desired vehicles, options and preferences.


Present the vehicle at the dealership or by video presentation.

Road test

Ensure your vehicle is in stock before a test drive.

VIN decoder & trade-in

Enter all of the information for a trade in evaluation.


Integrate the sales director for vehicle trade-ins and helping with finalizing transactions.


Push to your Desking tools without creating double entries and receive quotations directly into the CRM.

Deposit & Sold

Take the customer's deposit, update their status directly in the sales board.

Approval process and delivery schedule

F&I approbation

Automatically notify advisors, F&Is and directors in the digital sales board.

Delivery scheduling

Automatically confirm delivery dates with customers.

File preparation

Prepare the contract; make sure everyone is on the same page.

Vehicle preparation

Plan the delivery service & delivery specialists to ensure the vehicle is ready.

Vehicle inspection

Make sure all details are checked: Gas tank full? Inspection done?


Ensure a smooth delivery with client's details in the CRM.

OEM registration

Report the sale to your manufacturer using our advanced sales data reporting.


Mark the vehicle as reported in the client card.

Client Retention


Prepare the customer for satisfaction surveys.

First service appointment

Ensure the customer has their first service appointment at your dealership.

Service appointment confirmations

Save time with automatic SMS confirmations.

Client portfolio management

Efficiently manage your client list & increase chances of renewal.

Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

Efficiency & Simplicity

With everything centralised in one tool, easily manage your sales processes from first contact up until delivery.

Create Engagement

Involve all players and departments at your dealership, thus ensuring the participation of everyone in the sales process.

Organically Generate Data

Unique daily activity and task reporting. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions.

Enhanced customer service

Our CRM makes it easy for everyone to stay informed on transactions. It ensures a smooth transition within all steps of the sales process.

Process centralization

All your business processes centralised in one tool. Avoid mistakes like working twice on the same task, and even prevent data loss.

Bottleneck spotting

Easily identify problematic areas by having an overview of your transactions and quickly rectify them.