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The ultimate tools for converting digital retailing and online leads.

Web Leads Request Dashboard

Automatic Lead Integration.

Seamlessly integrate media sources into your CRM.

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Reach your clients within 60 seconds.

WebBoost, the only application able to convert your Internet leads into outbound calls.
The client submits a request online.
WebBoost automatically generates a call.
Advisors receive the call; first one who picks up wins.
WebBoost automatically calls the client.
The client is reached and impressed.

Generate emotion

The only application able to convert your online inqueries into outgoing calls. This means always reaching your clients in less than 60 seconds!

    First impressions matter

    Clients are buying you! You're not just offering a vehicle. WebBoost guarantees a flawless first impression and perfect control over the call experience.

      Book more appointments

      Reach your customers more easily and convert your leads to appointments, while simultaneously reducing the number of contact attempts.

        Real clients' reactions

        John Scotti Subaru

        Park Avenue Toyota

        Park Avenue BMW

        Let's roleplay

        Quickly try WebBoost by yourself now - no setup or meetings required!

        You need to have at least 2 working cellphones. One person will play the role of a potential client, while another will be a sales consultant.


        The most efficient and advanced reporting

        View your performance reports in real time.

        Simplified management

        Analyze your performance by sales advisor, BDC agent, source, department, model and more.

        • Performance reports generated automatically.
        • Attribution models to know sources of influence.
        • Better marketing decisions. Increase your profits.

        Sales & BDC: synchronised

        Provide your teams with the best tools in the automotive industry.

        Always in the know

        Communication between your BDC agents and sales advisors is crucial to maximize your sales.

        • Effective communication between sales and BDC.
        • Synchronize tasks, notes and follow-ups.
        • Integrate every clients‘ communications.
        • Properly welcome your client with accurate data.
        • Create a meaningful customer journey.

        Empower your BDC

        Performance and assessment tools for lead management that let you measure your BDC activities and results.

        • Set goals for your BDC and your agents.
        • Total BDC activities and per agent.
        • BDC results by client type.
        • BDC agents managed from a single account.

        Your dealership on autopilot.

        Gain up to 30% efficiency by enabling our automated tasks. You can even create your own.

        Custom Workflow

        Not all leads are the same, customise tasks by different criteria like departments, source, status.


          Maximize follow-ups made with your clients and increase the length of your leads’ lifecycles.

            Increased Productivity

            Accomplish thousands of specific and automated tasks while simultaneously reducing your team's effort and strain.

              Automated Actions

              Appointment confirmations, follow-ups, tasks, etc.

              Customisable Criteria

              By department, source, status, etc.

              Actions to perform

              Call, email, SMS, video chat.

              Timeframes and delays

              15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 days, etc.


              BDC agent, sales advisor, sales manager, etc.

              Your CRM in the palm of your hand.

              The much needed dealers' app to get stuff done on the fly.

              Anywhere, anytime.

              • CRM mobile app with a responsive interface.
              • Communicate with clients (call, SMS, email, video).
              • Access all customer and vehicle information.
              • Calendar (tasks, appointments, delivery).
              • Driver’s license scanner.
              • VIN Decoder.
              • And much more...

              Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

              We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

              Lead Priority

              Create managed groups to allow lead prioritization following custom criteria. You can get notifications when a lead has not been reached out to.

              Duplicate Finder

              Advanced lead duplicate search tool allowing you to refine and reconcile your data. This will avoid inconsistencies and lost data.


              Adapt the CRM to your specific needs by customising your processes with our endless types of custom fields and options.

              Centralised Communications

              Integration of all clients' communications (SMS, email, call, video) and their history. Use the CRM as your internal communication hub.

              OEM Certified

              Certified by more than 14 manufacturers; Activix CRM conforms to a high standard of security and governement regulations.

              Industry leader

              Proudly serving auto dealers, power sports & independent dealers as the most advanced & easy to use CRM on the market.