Client Portfolio & Equity

Take control of your leasing and financing portfolio.

Renewal Customer Dashboard

Unique renewal and equity mining module.

Our custom-made tool for creating new opportunities.

Focus on the right opportunities

Access real-time performance reports by sales advisor, model, year, end of contract, leasing/financing terms and more.

  • Import your renewal portfolio.
  • Maximize your follow-ups and your results.
  • Integrate every communications & notes.
  • Detailed statistics (renewal, buy back, lost).

Information Rich

Maximize chances to renew your customer with powerful information thanks to an easy-to-read client card.

  • Access all communication history.
  • Read previous SMS and emails.
  • Listen to previous calls and video chat.
  • Detailed notes from all department.
  • Preview the client's past service appointments.

Your dealership on autopilot.

Gain up to 30% efficiency by enabling our automated tasks. You can even create your own.

Custom Workflow

Customize tasks and follow-ups using a plethora of criteria: terms, modality, status, model, etc.

    Increased Productivity

    Accomplish thousands of specific and automated tasks while simultaneously reducing the effort made from your team.


      Maximise the amount of follow-ups and increase the chance to book appointments with your clients.

        Automated Actions

        Clients follow-up

        Customisable Criteria

        Modality, end of term, vehicle, warranty.

        Actions to perform

        Follow-up task, automatic email & SMS.


        End of contract, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months.


        BDC agent, Sales advisor, Renewal manager.

        Automatic notifications of clients in positive equity.

        Meet your personal assistant that will help you generate useful notifications and lists. That means lots more opportunities.

        Positive equity customers

        Receive alerts regarding customers in an advantageous position to change their vehicle.

        • Reach your customers at a strategic time.
        • Evaluate beneficial options for the customer.
        • Generate new sales opportunities.

        End of lease customers

        Receive alerts regarding customers completing their vehicle payments.

        • Send advantageous promotions.
        • Invite the customer to an event.
        • Retain your customers.

        End of warranty customers

        Receive alerts for customers whose warranty on their vehicle is ending soon.

        • Inform the client about his warranty's status.
        • Offer an extended warranty to your customer.
        • Invite the customer to change his vehicle.

        Event creation within the CRM.

        Create and analyze your campaigns' success.

        Generate lists

        Generate extensive lists of clients from your CRM, for both your service and sales department. Segment your leads according to very specific criteria and measure the work to be done specifically with them.

          Create campaigns

          Create campaigns by private sale, vehicle launch, service promotion and more. Furthermore, you can set-up automatic follow-ups and tasks for the specific event you created, like mass mailing or mass SMS.


            See the evolution of your event in real-time. Calculate the ROI of your campaign by having access to specific data: number of customers reached, number of visits, sales, etc. The module allows to revive dormant opportunities in the CRM.

              Event Dashboard

              Generate sales from your service department.

              Filter your appointments to identify sales opportunities.

              In and out with a different car

              Easily know who’s coming to the service department and determine your sales opportunities.

              • Be aware of all the scheduled appointments.
              • Customer vehicle model, year, mileage.
              • Repairs performed & amount paid.
              • Leasing, financing or purchase client.

              Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

              We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

              Advanced Reporting

              Unique live results reporting on every dashboard. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions.


              Adapt the CRM to your specific needs by customizing your processes with our different custom field types.

              Centralised communications

              Integration of all client's communications (SMS, email, call, video) and its history. Use the CRM as your internal communication hub.

              Industry leader

              Provide car dealers, power sports & independent dealers with the most advance & easy to use CRM on the market.

              Custom Automations

              Most advanced and customizable automation tool to keep up with your customers throughout their purchasing journey.


              Internal notification system, filtered by communications, events or alerts to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity.