Service Solutions

Easily manage your tasks, leads and identify opportunities.

Service Clients Dashboard

Manage all your service requests from a single place.

Maximize your efficiency with our service leads dashboard.

Simplified management

Both service web requests and phone-ups directly integrated into the service CRM.

  • Manage service web requests and chat.
  • Integrate service phone-ups.
  • Access all advisors' communications.
  • Activities and results by service advisor.

Easily communicate with your clients.

Powerful SMS tools with our dedicated chat application.

Appointment confirmations

Effortlessly automate actions to be made with your appointments, making you save time and improve your efficiency.

  • Automate SMS appointment confirmations.
  • Automate email appointment confirmations.
  • Easily consult appointments' statuses.
  • Integration with major DMS platforms.


Whether it's sending emails or SMS, making phone calls or even joining a video conference with your clients... Activix CRM does it all.

  • Send photos and videos of repairs to be done.
  • Schedule a video conferences with your clients.
  • Inform the customer that their vehicle is ready.

Powerful campaign builder

Efficiently manage service campaigns like prebooking, promotions, tire seasons, recalls and more.

  • See your event progress in real time.
  • Calculate your ROI.
  • Analyze your campaign's success.
  • Mass mailing and mass SMS.

Improve your operational efficiency.

Gain up to 30% efficiency by enabling our automated tasks. You can even create your own.

Ensure the customer has their first service appointment planned at your dealership.

    Create a follow-up task

    Follow-ups with clients that haven't been scheduled for maintenance since X time.

      Send email / SMS

      Entice new customers to the service department once delivery is completed.

        Send email

        Remind customers about seasonal tire storage reservation.

          Send email / SMS

          Attempt to generate battery replacement service with customers after 5 years.

            Send email / SMS

            Remind agent about a customer's expiring warranty and book an appointment.

              Create a follow-up task

              Generate sales from your service department.

              Filter your appointments to identify sales opportunities.

              In and out with a different car

              Easily know who's coming to the service department and determine your sales opportunities.

              • Be aware of all scheduled appointments.
              • Customer vehicle model, year, mileage.
              • Repairs performed & amount paid.
              • Leasing, financing or purchasing client.

              Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

              We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

              DMS Integration

              Automatically integrate apppointments, open and closed work orders with most DMS directly in the service CRM.


              Adapt the CRM to your specific needs by customising your processes and with our huge selection of custom fields.


              Everything stays in one place. Use the CRM as your communication hub to reach out to clients thus facilitating the exchange of information.

              Client Lists

              Generate criteria-based, high-potential client lists that maximize your chance to bring customers back into the service department.

              Advanced Reporting

              Unique live results reporting on every dashboard. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions.

              Edit History

              Consult all modification history entries for every single client card. Who? When? What? All the details in one place.