Showroom Control

The smartest dealership showroom manager.

Take control of your showroom.

Improve your efficiency thanks to powerful management and live reporting tools.

See who's next to answer

Free yourself from this day-to-day management with our Next-Up module integrated into the CRM.

  • Team availability.
  • Meeting, break and delivery information.
  • SMS Next-Up notifications.
  • Advanced and custom features.

Performance per associate

Maximize your efficiency with our showroom traffic module and a complete set of advanced reporting tools.

  • Detailed processed (visit, TD, TO, BB, sold, etc.).
  • Closing ratio by department, advisor and model.
  • Automated email reporting.
  • Centralization of notes, next steps and follow-ups.
  • Follow-ups by email, SMS, calls and video.

Your CRM, in the palm of your hand.

The essential tool to get stuff done on the fly.

Anywhere, anytime

  • Driver's license scanner.
  • VIN Scanner.
  • CRM mobile app with an intuitive interface.
  • Communicate with clients (call, text, email).
  • Access all customer and vehicle data.
  • Calendar (tasks, appointments, delivery).

Make your daily management easy.

Powerful tools for centralized and simplified management.

Calendar, redifined

Our calendar is anything but conventional. It was built with the automotive industry's needs in mind.

  • Adapted to your specific needs, role and division.
  • Integrates the receptionist for a better experience.
  • Advanced filtering options.
  • Access your tasks, appointments and deliveries.
  • Make calls, emails and texts within the calendar.
  • Plan your deliveries.

Your dealership on autopilot.

Gain up to 30% efficiency by enabling our automated tasks. You can even create your own.

Appointment Confirmation

Maximize the chances of clients showing up to your dealer by automatically sending an appointment confirmation.

Send email / SMS

Automated Feedback

Automatically send a satisfaction inquiry email on behalf of the management team when the client did not purchase.

Send email

Unsold Follow-up

Automatically plan tasks in advisors' schedules to reach clients that did not purchase.

Create a task in your advisor's calendar

Delivery Confirmation

Confirm the delivery and any other valuable information with the client to ensure a smooth delivery.

Send email / SMS

CSI Planning

Make sure the service you offered met your customer's expectation by contacting them prior to the CSI survey.

Create task in your advisor's calendar

Digital Sales Board.

Improve your team's engagement with this innovation from Activix.


Stay in the loop with our Digital Sales Board by accessing up-to-date sales at any time.


    Simplified view for Sales office & take better decisions made by consulting previous periods.

      Aim High

      Set goals for departments and sales advisors and empower your teams.

        Redefining the automotive industry, one feature at a time.

        We don't have enough room to list all the features our platform has.

        Group Functionalities

        Compare multiple dealerships performance in a single dashboard. Delve into all the details within a single login.

        Advanced Reporting

        Unique live results reporting on every dashboard. Everything you need to know to make informed business decisions.

        Edit History

        Consult the entire modification history for every single client card. Who? When? What? Everything at a glance.

        Sales Processes

        All business processes are manageable inside the CRM to ensure everyone knows the status of each lead and enhance efficiency.

        Lead Creation

        The advanced lead creation ensures datasets are accurate and clean. It avoids confusion and duplicates, resulting in better stats.

        Centralised Communications

        Integration of all client's communications (SMS, email, call, video) and their history. Use the CRM as your internal communication hub.