Activix CRM

The most innovative CRM.

Dashboard of all My Clients

What would you like to enhance next?

Activix CRM can literally elevate your dealership to the next level. Mix and match any module to suit your needs.

This platform is huge. Let's try to make it quick.

A comprehensive, four-point "sprint introduction" to the best CRM in the automotive industry.

Maximize the 5 most profitable components

Effectively follow up on your walk-ins, phone-ups, internet leads, financed and leasing clients, as well as your service customers. With all client types centralized in one place, you will maximize your revenues.

Tools tailored to all your internal processes

You will immediately benefit from a completely integrated management of your internal processes. From first contact up until the CSI and every step between; manage your daily workflow and create engagement using our Next-Up and Sales Board modules.

Enhanced efficiency between departments

Different departements with different tasks but with a single goal; now unified into one platform. Synergy is one of the most powerful aspects of our CRM. Merge the workflows of all your teams including reception, sales, management, F&I, marketing and even the service department.

Deep analysis and accurate reporting

Precise reporting leads to better decision making. Create a centralized and unbiased database of all your customers. Unlock deep and essential stats that were previously unavailable. Agglomerate leads by source, sales consultant performance, activity level, profitability and much, much more.

Benefits of the Activix CRM

Improve your sales processes and conversions.

Bottom Line

Focus on what matters. Efficiently manage your internet leads, phone-ups, walk-ins, and financing and leasing portfolio.

Sales Processes

Powerful and unique modules to increase productivity and efficiency between departments. Take control of sales processes.


Centralize and improve the flow of all communications (phone, email, SMS) between you and your clients.

Customer Journey

Enhance customer satisfaction and follow your customer's journey, up until the renewal.


An effective and easy-to-use client management/follow-up tool for sales consultants.


Top-of-the-line tools and advanced reporting for today's managers. Allow them to train your staff and convert potential customers.

Dealer Group / BDC

Advanced BDC and dealer group modules for accurate reporting to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Increase Sales

Never miss an opportunity to convert prospects into sales, now possible with our advanced tools.