Activix CRM

The foundation of any performing dealership.

This platform is huge. Let's try to make this quick.

A comprehensive, four-points "sprint introduction" to the best CRM in the automotive industry.

Maximize the 5 most profitable aspects

Effectively follow your walk-ins, phone-ups, Internet leads, financed and leasing clients as well as service customers. With all types of clients centralized in one place, you will end up maximizing revenues.

A complete set of tools for all your sales processes

Not only will you be kept up-to-date in real time with valuable data, but you will also benefit from a complete overhaul of your sales processes. Starting from the initial appointment, all the way to CSI and every step in between.

Enhanced efficiency between departments

Different departements with different tasks but with a single goal, now unified into one platform. Synergy is one of the most powerful aspects of our CRM. Merge the workflow of all your teams including reception, sales, management, F&I, marketing and even the service department.

Deep analysis and accurate reporting

Precise reporting leads to better decision making. A no-brainer, yet your current data might be biased due to a lack of centralization. Unlock deep and useful stats that were previously unavailable. Agglomerate leads by source, sales consultant performance, activity level, profitability and much, much more.

Empower your sales team

One-of-a-kind tools for managing prospects, clients and all sales processes.

Lead management

The ultimate and most advanced Internet leads conversion system. It will allow you to make better marketing decisions and increase profit.

Maximize your lease and finance renewal customers by using our unique renewal and equity mining module.

Automatically integrate all first-time incoming sales calls with our unique phone-up features, without changing your phone system.

Showroom management

Free yourself from day-to-day management of the next-up, team availability, breaks, delivery information and more.

Take control of your sales processes with a unique, intelligent platform. Simply the most advanced showroom manager.

Scan driver's licenses and VIN barcodes to effortlessly add every piece of information on your clients and car exchanges, directly in the CRM.

Sales & delivery management

This unique innovation takes your sales department to the next level in terms of control and engagement of your sales team.

Set goals for your sales and deliveries, compare results with previous periods and create positive competition in your team.

Perfectly crafted to manage all aspects of deliveries and sales processes. You can preview and manage locates, carry-overs, commands and much more.

Processes and profit control

Empower every department and give your employees the tools they need to reach their full potential. Plus increase sales.

Sales processes and profit control

Real-time average profit reporting. Contribute to the F&I profitably and allow teamwork in the same tool. A never-before-seen synergy.

Stop using multiple sources of reporting for your F&I department. Centralize data in a one single place for product and margin sales.

Easily follow every step, from sale to delivery, CSI, credit, preparation, inspection, approval, gas filling and more with our process tools.

Calendar, redefined.

Much more than a simple calendar. Adapted to your specific needs, role and division inside the dealership. Your daily operations are now instantly easier.

As a manager you will love every aspect of it. The advanced filtering options are amazing and make your daily inspection a piece of cake.

As a sales consultant or BDC agent, you can manage every task and directly make calls and send emails and SMS, all in the same place.

Go beyond daily operations with performance tools

Integrate powerful and unique modules to increase efficiency and take control of all your sales processes.


Imagine being able to create your own workflows, tasks, notifications or even automatically reply to potential and existing customers without any effort.

Never miss any customer events, create your automations only once and let the CRM do the job for you.

The application is so customizable and intelligent that we commonly call it The AI of the CRM. It can literally accomplish a thousand of very specific and advanced tasks without any human intervention.

Mobile communications

Meet Niotext - your personal appointement and campain assistant. It automatically connects to your DMS and send confirmations to your customers. Both for your sales and service departments.

Try our dedicated mobile app and chat with potential and current customers, and send photos on the go. Literally bring your customer into your world.

Reach your clients within 60 seconds

WebBoost, the only application able to convert your Internet leads into outgoing calls.

Generate emotion

The only application able to convert your online queries into outgoing calls. This means reaching your clients in less than 60 seconds! Communicate with clients shopping the most actively.

Efficiency is sexy

The clients are buying YOU! You're not only offering the car. WebBoost guarentees a flawless first impression. Selling an appointment and having the control over the call is a clear advantage.

First impressions matter

Increase your appointment conversions more easily with a quick and informational first impression, thus reducing the number of contact attempts. WebBoost allows you to contact clients with the best timing.

Let's roleplay

Quickly try WebBoost by yourself now - no call or meeting required!

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Benefits of Activix CRM

Bottom Line

Focus on what matters. Efficiently manage your Internet leads, phone-ups, walk-ins, and financing and leasing portfolio.

Sales Processes

Integrate powerful and unique modules to increase productivity and efficiency between departments and take control of all sales processes.


Centralize and improve the flow of all communications (phone, email, SMS) between you and your clients.

Customer Journey

Enhance customer satisfaction and follow your customer journey up to the renewal.


An effective and easy-to-use client management/follow-up tool for sales consultant.


Provides top-of-the-line tools and advanced reporting for today's managers. Allow them to train your staff and convert potential customers.

Dealer Group / BDC

Advanced BDC and dealer group modules for accurate reporting to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Increase Sales

Don't miss any opportunities to convert prospects into sales.